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After implementing any type of learning event (workshop, distance learning or on-the-job learning), facilitators should gauge the extent to which the event contributed to the overall goal of improving WFP's Food Security Analysis capacity. The following are key elements to build upon to effectively report upon learning results:

  • Before closing a training workshop, facilitators must administer the final KAT to participants, provide their feedback onto the apposite workshop evaluation form and consolidate all results. The evaluation tools measure the participant's understanding of the course materials and their satisfaction with the duration, quality and content of the course, respectively.

  • If time allows before closing the workshop, it is recommended that facilitators discuss test results with participants, for example to explain the correct answers. If possible, facilitators are also encouraged to discuss individual learning achievements/gaps and subsequent next steps for each participant. This may provide a good opportunity to identify how participants could pass on the knowledge they have gained to others (through a follow-up workshop or coaching).

  • Before closing the workshop, facilitators should emphasize the critical role of the Assessors Database and urge participants to either create or update their profile in the database. This could, when possible, be presented as a condition for obtaining their course completion certificate.

  • After the training workshop, facilitators must prepare a short workshop report, which includes a section reporting on the workshop evaluation results. In addition, facilitators must provide their opinion on individual participants' next steps, according to the guidance provided, if possible integrating the discussion carried out with participants at the end of the workshop.

  • Facilitators should make eventual necessary modifications to the training package used for the workshop. Facilitators must also prepare a well structured and "reader-friendly" file with the material used and send it to:
    1. workshop organisers
    2. participants
    3. the capacity building team in WFP HQ
    Alternatively, they should post the material on the relevant pages of the Learning Toolkit, by creating a dedicated page under the "Training Workshop" section.

  • About four to six months after the training workshop has taken place, the workshop's focal point will be expected to help the HQ Capacity Building team to follow-up on trainees' application of knowledge (outcome results). This will entail:
    • Supporting the use of the Assessors Database by participants, in particular through the upgrading of their profile after each training they receive
    • Supporting the HQ Capacity Building team in sending a follow-up message to participants to monitor the actual application of the knowledge in post-workshop assessment activities