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Other Tips and Templates

The following standard procedures provide pointers to assist in preparing for a training workshop.

  • Selection of participants

    As a general rule, workshop organisers should use the following guidance for selecting participants of all types of training (classroom or On-the-Job):

    • All relevant staff and partners in the country or region should be equally considered for eligibility;
    • Participants should have the necessary prior basic knowledge in the relevant thematic area to understand the training, and demonstrate a skill gap in comparison to need (based on their assessment work plan). The participants? assessment work plan should constitute a basis on which future application of skills is planned;
    • Some participants may contribute as co-facilitators to some sessions, with the objective of learning to be a future facilitator of that course.

  • Facilitator/Trainee Ratio

    The number of facilitators is kept to a reasonable number; the added value of more facilitators must be substantiated. As a general rule, two facilitators can train 20 people if they are all at the same level; some courses with field work require two facilitators for 12-15 people.

  • Key document preparation

    • A brief training proposal, inclusive of participants list and budget, is a useful initial document for communicating with the Capacity Building team in WFP HQ or other persons/units who may be interested in supporting the initiative. See the attached template: Brief Training Proposal
    • Enough time should be given to adapt existing "standard" training materials to the specific needs and context of the region/local setting. External assistance can be sought if needed.
    • The material to evaluate the training results should be prepared beforehand. This includes tailoring the workshop evaluation form and preparing a Knowledge Assessment Test (KAT). Some training courses may already have standard KATs which can be used or adapted by facilitators; contact the Capacity Building team in WFP HQ to obtain them.

  • Facilitators' Tool Kit

    For more detailed information on training needs analysis or planning and designing a learning event, please consult the Facilitator's ToolKit Part One: Learning Event Design and Planning Guide, sections 2 to 6 in particular.